Our holistic approach to the design makes the system adoption easier for the business, making their logistic operation optimized, cost effective and secure.

S4 HANA Transporatation Management

Transportation operations can no longer succeed as a functional silo focusing solely on transportation procedures. Business would need an integrated, comprehensive logistics solution to smoothly run their logistics processes, respond quickly to changes, and get a holistic view of their logistics operations.

Transportation management (TM) in SAP S/4HANA consists of business processes that drive the offering, selling, demand handling, assignment, planning, procurement, subcontracting, steering, documenting, and settling of transportation services within companies and for logistics service providers (LSPs).

With SAP Transportation Management your logistics business would see an efficient, responsive and standardized solution that improves customer satisfaction. SAP TM benefits your business by:

Lower Freight Spend

Decreased Expediting Cost

Shorter Average Resource Turn

Fewer Invoice Error

Enhanced Customer Service

Unlock the full potential of your transportation management with our comprehensive S/4 HANA TM solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

SAP Business Network for Logistics

The SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration solution connects the entire logistics ecosystem – supporting frictionless collaboration and situational awareness through intelligent insights. By streamlining your multi-modal logistics operations, you gain the visibility to reduce associated costs, optimize the utilization of service providers and carriers, and improve overall logistics performance. 

With SAP BN4L business can reduce the total cost improving delivery sequence, increase efficiency by staying connected with service providers and dissolve operational silos for advanced collaboration and insights.

Comprehensive Cloud Network

Complete Freight Coordination from Contract to Settlement

Quick Access to Preboarded Freight Forwarders

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Tight Integration with S4 TM

Reduce logistics costs and automate the contract-to-settlement process with visibility and insight across a global network of carriers and service providers with SAP BN4L.

SAP Global Track & Trace

Every shipment and container moving across the supply chain of business is an opportunity to strengthen their brand reputation and build customer loyalty. With the SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace solution, business can seize eachmoment by connecting the physical movement of orders and goods with the flow of information – providing situational awareness beyond milestone reporting. 

SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace provides this insight-to-action for goods in-transit

– inbound, outbound, and intra-company movements. The solution helps monitor critical business processes by comparing planned versus actual milestones. Hence your entire supply chain can mitigate risk, improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and move forward with intelligent insights.

With SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace the business can benefit as below:

Mitigate Risk & Revenue Loss by Geolocation Tracking

Rule Based Predictive Alerts

Increased Efficiency with Reliable Delivery Dates

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Balanced Cost Control and Sustainability

Mitigate risks, revenue loss and increase efficiency with our SAP GTT solutions to improve supply chain transparency, resilience and sustainability.