Single Freight Agreement for multiple Carriers

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Business Requirement – Multiple Carriers are providing Transportation Services between Mumbai to Delhi. Our customer wants to maintain rates for all carriers in a single rate table inside the same freight agreement.

Rates are given by different carriers

Rate Card taken from client system
Rate Card

Solution– We will complete this requirement by adding Multiple Parties in the Freight Agreement type, this configuration will allow us to maintain more than one carrier in the same freight agreement. In that agreement, we can add all required combination via scales or excel integration.

Adding Multiple Parties in agreement type can connect more than one carrier (business partner) to the same organization in agreement. It gives us the flexibility to choose different carriers in the same freight order with different rates.


1.      The organizational structure and master data created in the system.

2.      Required Means of Transport defined with Resource (Truck).

Process flow:

Step 1:  Define Freight Agreement type with multiple parties.

Define Freight Agreement type
Path- SPRO-> IMG-> Transportation Management -> Master Data-> Agreement and service products-> Define Freight Agreement type

Step 2: Create a Freight Agreement and add all the carriers as Business Partner. Insert Truck service in item type and add calculation sheet.

Freight Agreement Multiple_Carrier_AGR

Step 3: Insert single item, with charge type -Base_Road, Currency- INR and add Rate table in that item.

Step 4: Create scale as given (Based on business requirement)

Freight Agreement Multiple_Carrier_AGR - Scale Creation

Step 5: Maintain Rates for all the combination according to the available data, Or upload with the help of Excel integration.


Step 1: Create a Freight order with the same Freight Order Type.

Step 2: Select the required combination of data.

Test Data:

Step 3: Do charge calculation and check results.


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